Water Adventures for Couples in the Lake District

by | Sep 25, 2022 | Blog

The Lake District is aptly named! With so many lakes, meres, and tarns available, for fun loving couples who love being out on the water there are so many reasons to visit this spectacular part of the UK.

Adventures for Couples Lake District

The Lake District is known as the UK’s outdoor playground, and so is the perfect place for adventurous couples to come, spend time together and have some outdoor fun! Along with the many adventurous activities the Lake District also has romantic hotels along with cottages that are perfect for two people and a range of Air B&Bs for every taste. Great food and fun places to go in the evening ranging from a local cosy pub to a noisy bar, to a Michelin starred restaurant make the Lakes the perfect couples get away.

Water Activities for Fun Couples Lake District

From relaxing canoeing across Windermere to learning to paddleboard in one of the most beautiful places in the UK, there are no end of water activities for adventurous couples. But the best and most adventurous water activity to do in the Lake District is Wakesurfing. An adrenaline filled fun water adventure on Windermere not to be missed by any fun-loving couples visiting the area.

Wakesurfing the Best Water Activity Lake District

Whether you have been wakesurfing before or a complete beginner, our friendly instructors will get you up and out on the water in style! Our luxury boats are a joy to be on and our experienced team will ensure you have all the equipment and instruction you need to get wakesurfing quickly and safely. All equipment and instruction are included when you hire our boats, and you can book from one hour to a whole day so you can learn the skills then perfect your technique.

Couples Wakesurfing Activity

Our boats are booked on a private basis which makes it perfect for couples who want to get out there and have fun together on the water. You time on the water will be just for the two of you so you can switch from cruising in our luxury boats to honing your new wakesurfing skills as much as you please. Our boats come equipped with both a fridge for cool drinks and a platform where you can dive off the boat into the lake and swim as much as you want.

Luxury Water Activities for Couples

If you truly want to experience what it is like to have an adventure on Windermere, then booking a wakesurfing lesson is the best activity for you to try. Once you learn the skills you will be surfing behind the boat from the wake created, keeping balanced on the board, and having fun and adventure doing it.

If you have wakesurfed before then our experienced instructors will handle to boat while you hone your technique and practice your skills with your instructor giving suggestions for improvement as you go.

For every fun loving couple who wants true adventure in the gorgeous Lake District, book a Wakesurfing adventure today.