Wakesurfing Around the World

by | Oct 9, 2022 | Blog

We think that Windermere is the most perfect place to try Wakesurfing. Gorgeous surroundings, great availability on the water and the best teachers and guides to get you started on your wakesurfing adventure. As wakesurfing is loved the world over we are taking a look at some of the best places around the world to take your wakesurfing skills to.

 Wakesurfing in the Turks and Caicos

Pro’s and amateur wakesurfers alike flock to these islands in the Bahamas to try their skill on the clear blue waters of Turks and Caicos. In this gorgeous location, there are shipwrecks you can explore and even a friendly dolphin who likes to come along and join in the wakesuring fun.

Wakesurfing in Bora Bora

Again, the clear and turquoise water make Bora Bora a wakesurfers paradise. Huge mountains are close to the ocean making the ocean feel enclosed, and the lush greenery adds colour against the clear blue waters. With lots of tourist amenities along with wakesurfing, you can have a stunning water-based holiday in this tropical paradise.

Wakesurfing in Lake Como

A little closer to home that the options above, this Italian lake is a great spot to try out your wakesurfing. Fun on the water combined with Italian food and wine makes for a great holiday place. Lake Como has quite a few wakesurfing clubs meaning you can get expert help and tuition along with the stunning vista.

Wakesurfing on Lake Powell

Arizona is perhaps not somewhere that immediately comes to mind when you think about wakesurfing but Lake Powell is huge with plenty of space to keep growing your wakesurfing skills. The unique landscape in Arizona means that wake surfers have commented that it is like wakesurfing on mars. The Lake is surrounded by canyons and gorges in the unique brown, red tones of the Arizona landscape.

Wakesurfing on Lake Wanaka

New Zealand has a (well deserved) reputation for its stunning landscapes, so it is no wonder many wakesurfers choose Lake Wanaka to try their skills. This is a very deep lake, at over 900 feet in some places so make sure all your valuables are back on shore! It is this depth that makes the water such a dazzling colour, and it is surrounded by large mountains for a very ‘Lord of the Rings’ feel.

Wakesurfing in Windermere

Given the amazing locations above, we still think that Windermere is the best place to go wakesurfing in the UK and (dare we say it) the world. Windermere is the perfect combination of water, scenery, and environment. Our fantastic luxury boats are a pleasure to be on, and Windermere has lots of pubs and bars close by where you can try a local ale and tell stories of your time on the water!