What Do You Need to Start Wakesurfing

by | Nov 13, 2023 | Blog

Wakesurfing is an exhilarating watersport that you can enjoy on Windermere. If you are a beginner wakesurder or have never been wakesurfing before then it can be difficult to get started unless you have a wakesurfing lesson where the team has all the kit you need to have a fantastic time.

Wakesurfing Lessons Windermere

Essentially, the items you need to go wakesurfing are a boat, a board, and safety equipment but as most of us won’t have these things easily available to us, utilising the kit and expertise of wakesurfing providers is the easiest and best way to learn to wakesurf. If you are an experienced wakesurfer and have done wakesurfing before, it is still unlikely that you will own everything you need to go wakesurfing when you want to. This means that a wakesurfing experience on Windermere with a team that can help you improve your technique and provide all the equipment you need is the best way to enjoy this thrilling watersport.

Wakesurfing Equipment

First of all, you are going to need a boat, and somewhere beautiful to launch. Windermere is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world and you can enjoy everything the Lake District has to offer from the middle of England’s largest lake. Along with the boat, you will need the boards, ropes and safety equipment along with experienced instructors to help you catch the perfect wave.

The Boats – Windermere Wakesurfing uses top of the line Nautique Boats, that are comfortable to sit in, equipped with everything you need and stunning to look at. Our boats create a stunning ‘endless wave’ for you to surf.

The Equipment – You will be supplied with all the safety equipment you need to get wakesurfing. This includes, the boards, life jackets, safety equipment and we also use BBTalking intercom system so you can communicate immediately and easily with your instructor. We include everything you need to wakesurf in our lessons.

The Instructors – Our wakesurfing instructors are friendly, approachable and are there to ensure you have an amazing time wakesurfing. Our team are experienced and licenced so whether you are beginner who has never tried this before, or a pro who needs to work on their technique, we can help.

This is everything you will need to have an amazing time out on the water.

Starting Wakesurfing

Once you have decided to start wakesurfing then all you need to do is book how much time you want on the water, for your first adventure we recommend a few hours, and then add a few more if you have a larger group so everyone can really spend some time getting to grips with this adrenaline fuelled water sport.

If you have been wakesurfing before and want to hone you skills then just let your instructor know and they can start building in more advanced techniques for you to try and master. Whatever your level, Windermere is the most amazing lake to start wakesurfing or grow your wakesurfing technique.