Family Adventure Boat Trips in Windermere

by | Jan 14, 2024 | Blog

The Lake District is a gorgeous playground for families, with endless walks, stunning scenery, large lakes, and a range of adventure activities for families to try. Many families visit Windermere and the Lake District year after year to take advantage of these adventurous activities and to make memories with their families.

Family Time in the Lake District

Family time is precious and so to make the most of that time together, many families head out onto the fells and lakes in Lakeland to find adventure and have fun together. One of the best ways to connect and relax as a family is to learn something new together and support and encourage each other to have fun and learn new skills. Adventure activities in the Lake District offer this in abundance and getting out on a lake in a boat, offers a range of great activities for the whole family.

Family Boat Adventures Lake District

One of the best reasons to book time on one of Windermere Wakesurfing’s luxury boats on Windermere is that you can curate your own family experience. You hire the whole boat with a driver/instructor for as long as you want it, and you can use that boat, the time, and the skills of the instructor on board to meet your families adventure needs. It will be just you and your family group on the boat and each person can have the adventure appropriate to them.

Boat Activities on Windermere

Windermere Wakesurfing are of course, specialists in teaching families how to wakesurf on Windermere, this experienced team have been riding on Windermere for over 30 years and they love to share their knowledge and experienced with families of all ages. You can have full instruction on how to wakesurf on Windermere, the team provide all the equipment you need to get going and can teach groups whether you have wakesurfed before or have never done anything like this.

Because you rent the whole boat for as long as you want it (minimum booking is one hour) you can also do other things on the lake, depending on what your family wants to do. Our boats are from the luxury Nautique range so if you simply want to have a luxury family cruise on Windermere so you can explore the lake in comfort and style, that is possible. The boats come complete with a swimming platform so if you want to ‘park’ the boat and jump off into the lake for a swim in a secluded place on Windermere, these boat trips are the perfect choice.

By hiring the boat for a longer period, you can also include all the elements that the boat offers you, spending some time learning to wakesurf, before heading out for a swim and ending with a relaxing cruise so you can marvel at the gorgeous scenery Windermere has to offer while discussing your new found wakesurfing skills.

Family time is important and there is no better way to engage your children and all have fun together than by hiring our luxury private boats and then heading out on the lake for adventures to suit your family needs.