How To Wakesurf – Tips for Beginners

by | Mar 16, 2024 | Blog

Wakesurrfing is a fun activity that you can do on Windermere in the Lake District. Many locals and visitors live to wakesurf and visit us time and again, often year after year to hone their skills and learn new ones as they wakesurf on England’s largest lake.

Beginner Wakesurfing Tips

Everyone has to try wakesurfing for the first time, and our instructors are experts at getting everyone up and wakesurfing quickly and easily. The amazing thing about wakesurfing is that it is easy to learn and hard to master so everyone will feel a sense of achievement and joy on their first time, with plenty left to learn for the next time.

Winderemre Wakesurfing provides the bot, instructor, all wakesurfing and safety equipment you will need to get started, you just need to show up and have fun. With the help of your instructors and some of the tips below you will be up and shredding the endless wave in no time, here is some advice on how to get on the board, how to manoeuvre in the wake and how to drop the rope!

Getting Started on the Board

The best advice to new wakesurfers is to relax and let the boat help you by doing the work. This can be a little strange when you first start, but you will quickly understand what this means. Once you are set up in the water with your feet resting on the board press your heels into the board, so it flips up as the boat begins to pull. Once you feel you are fully over the board you can start to slowly and gently stand up.

The biggest mistake new wakesurfers make at this stage is simply trying to hard to push their feet into the board. Let the pull of the boat move and flip the board and don’t try and pull yourself up too quickly, let the boat do the work!

Dropping the Rope

Dropping the rope can be one of the most difficult jobs for new wakesurfers. Once you are in the wave you will start to feel that the rope is no longer pulling you and the push from the wave created in the wake of the boat is enough to keep momentum. Keep a good posture, stand up straight and wait for the rope to slacken. Once you are manoeuvring in the wave with a slack rope you will see you don’t need the rope anymore and you can drop it. Remember to drop the rope where you instructor tells you to, so you don’t get tangled up in it.

Control Your Speed & Staying in the Wave

Once you have dropped the rope and are comfortable on the board you can then start to vary your speed and have some real fun behind the boat! Essentially, your front foot makes you speed up and to slow down you put more weight on the back foot. Having a steady stance, and good balance will help you get the control you want. Going faster and then slower will help you stay in the wave and wakesurf for longer.

Beginner wakesurfing lessons are available in Windermere and we are looking forward to getting you started on the best water adventure in the Lakes!