Have You Ever Wanted to Wakesurf?

by | Apr 28, 2024 | Blog

Wakesurfing is a fun and adventurous watersport available on Lake Windermere. If you have never heard of it before or wanted to try it but were a little hesitant, here are some tips to ease your mind and get your started.

Wakesurfing Lessons Windermere

The first thing to know about wakesurfing in the lake district on Windermere as a beginner is that you need to go out on the lake with a fun and qualified instructor. All our wakesurfing instructors are experienced and licenced with BWSW. We specialise in teaching first time surfers and have developed a series of effective techniques to get you started and then to improve your skill level.

As with all watersports on Windermere, safety is the number one concern, and we supply all the surf and safety equipment you need to get started wakesurfing. You then can choose your boat and the length of time you want to be on the water, and we will get you wakesufing in no time!

You can come on your own for a wakesurfing lesson or bring friends and family with you to share the fun, we charge by the hour, per boat so you can create the perfect wakesurfing experience for you.

First Time Wakesurfing Tips

Once we get you out on the water, its time to surf. Your instructors brief you with everything you need to know and coach you while you are on the water, but here are some basic first-time wakesurfing tips to get you started:

  1. Choose Your Stance – The first thing you need to decide is how you are going to stand on the surfboard. Choose from regular or goofy stance (right or left foot forwards). This depends on what feels right for you and is the same for snowboarding and skateboarding.
  2. Place Your Heels – Once the board is floating on the water, it will be perpendicular to the rear of the boat. Place your heels in the approximate position you will be standing while you are riding on the board. Then place your heels on top of the board, slightly wider than shoulder width apart and float on your back in the water.
  3. Flip the Board Up – You are connected to the boat with surf specific rope, once you are ready the driver will put the boat into gear and take the slack out of the rope. This will create enough water flow for the board to flip up, under your feet and so you will now be standing on the board. Adding some pressure on your heels will help flip that board up.
  4. Check Your Position – Bent knees with eyes and shoulders facing the boat is the best position to get started. Once you are in the right position the driver will start to pull the boat away slowly and steadily allowing you to get a feel for the movement. It is now time to relax and let the boat pull you, do not be tempted to pull with your arms, keep them straight.
  5. Stand Up – Once the boat is moving and you begin planning, slowly stand up on the board. The fins of the board will help you straighten the board, so let them do their work until the board is travelling in the same direction as the boat.
  6. Wakesurf – Once you are standing on the board you are now wakesurfing! Keep your knees bent but stand with a straight back, this will help you balance.
  7. Learn Control – Your instructor will then give you tips and hints as you get the feel for wakesurfing such as putting your weight on your front foot will make the board accelerate towards the boat, and weight on the back will make the board slow down.
  8. Have Fun – As you get used to wakesurfing you will find the ‘sweet spot’ where you can maintain momentum with the boat while the rope is slack. Once you have practiced this you can move the rope out of your way or even toss it back into the boat!