Watersports Are Amazing Family Fun on Windermere

by | Jun 19, 2024 | Blog

Windermere is an amazing place for a family holiday or short family break mainly because of the amazing watersports that are available on England’s largest lake, Windermere.

All ages can enjoy the water and the whole family can get involved on Windermere at their own pace and experience. Putting away the tablets and phones, turning off Netflix and getting out on the water will ensure not only great fun, but also memories that will last a lifetime.

Active Families Love Windermere Watersports

The choice of watersports on Windermere for families is amazing and you could spend a whole week exploring the lake on different modes of transport. From canoeing to paddleboarding, to sailing Windermere offers a world of adventure for adventurous families.

But the best and most exciting way to get out on the water on Windermere is to try Wakesurfing. Once you have surfed the waves, you will return time and again for fun and adventure with your family on Windermere.

What is Wakesurfing

Wakesurfing is the most exciting watersport on Windermere, it is fast, fun, and can be done by all members of the family. As the speed limit on Windermere is 10 knots, this is enough to create a wake behind a boat which you then learn to surf. This is opposed to wakeboarding, which required 20 knots.

The prime objective with Wake Surfing is to surf the “Wave” created by the boat just a few meters behind it, you use a short rope just to get you started and then throw it aside once you have found “the push” from the wave. You simply stand on the surface of a Wakesurf board in your bare feet and when you fall off, you separate from the board which reduces impact and potential injury.

Wakesurfing Family Lessons

Windermere wakesurfing offers wakesurfing lessons to the whole family. You hire the whole boat for as long as you want, so you get to learn together without any other people being around. It also means that if some of the family simply want to relax on our luxury boats and enjoy the scenery while the rest of the family learn to wakesurf, this is an easy option to accommodate everyone.

Our team are experienced and fun to be with, we include all the equipment you need to get started wakesurfing, and if you have done this before you can hone your skill with our expert instructors.

We use top of the line boats, and our instructors are all BWSW accredited, and we are comfortable with beginners and pro riders alike.

Watersports Windermere

If you are looking for a family experience that you will not stop talking about when you get home book a wakesurfing lesson with us today. There are many watersports on Windermere and while we love them all, if you are looking for a truly adventurous, fast paced, and fun activity for the whole family then wakesurfing is for you.