Tip: How to wakesurf for the first time?

  1. First you have to work out if you are going to stand on the surfboard with either your RIGHT foot forward or your LEFT foot forward. (This is known as either a REGULAR or GOOFY stance, the same as Snowboarding and Skateboarding).
  2. Start with the board floating flat on the water, perpendicular to the rear of the boat and slightly to the side you intend surfing on. You want your heels in the approximate area you will be standing when you are riding. Place your heels on top of the board slightly wider than shoulder width apart and float on your back in the water while wearing a Coast Guard approved flotation vest.
  3. Use a Surf specific rope and handle, keep it running between your feet and the boat. When you are in the correct position and ready, the driver will put the boat in gear to “take the slack out”. This will create enough water flow pressure for the board to “flip up” under your feet so that the soles of your feet now have full contact with the surface of the board. (Putting downward pressure on your heels will help the board “flip up”).
  4. Your body position should be bent knees, eyes and shoulders facing the boat. The driver will accelerate slowly and steadily. RELAX, let the boat pull you. DO NOT pull with your arms, keep them straight!
  5. As you begin planing on the surface of the water, slowly stand up on the board. The fins on the board will try to straighten the board for you, allow this to happen so the board is traveling in the same direction as the boat. Keep your knees slightly bent but stand up with a straight back so you can balance comfortably. You are now Wakesurfing!
  6. As you begin to surf, keep your feet pointed towards the wake, slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Putting weight on your front foot will make the board accelerate towards the boat. Putting weight on your back foot will make the board slow down. As you get the feel for surfing, you will find the “sweet spot” for your particular wave and board where the rope will go slack and you can maintain momentum with the boat. Once you feel comfortable and the rope is constantly slack, gently toss the rope over the wake and it will stay there out of your way. (Alternatively toss it to someone in the boat).

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